Russia, Moscow

Nikulin Sergey Evgenievich

Specialization: breast oncologist, specialist in palliative cancer care, anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 25 years
Certificate: Modular School – 9 modules

Breast oncologist, specialist in palliative cancer care, anti-aging medicine practitioner.


1987-1993: Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky, Faculty of Pediatrics.

1994: qualification "Oncology".

2009: qualification "Mammology", Moscow Institute for Advanced Medical Studies.

2013: Certificate of expertise in temporary and permanent disability; expertise in the quality of medical care, Volgograd State Medical University.

2015: Certificate in Laser Oncology, Moscow State Research Center for Laser Medicine of FMBA.

2019: Anti-Age Expert School (Moscow, Russia).

About Anti-Age medicine:

When working for more than 25 years as an oncologist, diagnosing and treating one of the most difficult problems of mankind - over the years you come to the comprehension and understanding of the need to fight the disease not at the very end, but at the very beginning. Before the Anti-Age Expert school I had no knowledge of how important it is to normalize biochemical processes, hormonal status, consideration of genetic factors and their impact on the development of oncological diseases.

The relevance and demand for cancer prevention among patients in recent times has led me to explore the possibility of correcting the body's homeostasis to prevent cancer. 

Currently, I use cancer screening programs, both on the biochemical and genetic levels. Anti-Age Expert has taught me to learn more, to go ahead in the search for the latest methods.

We must give patients not only quality of life, but also the opportunity to maximize its duration.

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