International School Anti-Age Expert

The internationally recognized school of anti-age medicine for physicians - more than 30 years of scientific and clinical experience.
Selected and structured data based on evidence-based medicine.
World’s leading doctors and scientists with a common philosophy. The theory is supported by more than 30 years of practice.
New tools and systems for a successful practice of the anti-age physician.
The secrets of active longevity are becoming more and more interesting for modern doctors and patients. We have created a unique educational system and ready-made practical solutions that will allow doctors of various specialties to competently and effectively improve the quality of people' lives.

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Expert School
Expert School
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Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanka 24, President-Hotel
October, 2022
Module school
Module school
Continuous education. Course 2020-2021
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From theory
to successful practice

Join the community
Knowledge and experience ready to apply in practice
Every expert of the school is an active practitioner. Get the knowledge that is based on evidence-based medicine and applicable in your daily work with patients.
State Standard Certificate of Russia and France
Official Diploma/Certificate with CME scores (continuing medical education). Anti-Age Expert school is accredited by the Medical University from Paris - UPEC. Participating physicians can get the State Diploma of France in anti-aging medicine.
Access to Anti-Age Expert drug lab in Russia
The daily intake of a large amount of medication in capsules is stressful for patients and often disrupts the treatment program. The solution is to compose individual medications according to doctor’s prescription, which can be produced by A Swiss Pharmacy. It works with more than 850 ingredients of the highest quality and there are 200 ready-made formulas of medicines in various forms (capsules, creams, powders, suppositories, sprays).
Continuous interaction with RUSIAM and WOSIAM communities
During 9 years of Anti-Age Expert school development more than 5000 highly professional doctors from all over the world has joined us. Being a part of our community, you will always be able to get the opinion and recommendations of colleagues who think in one direction with you.
Legal roadmap
Patient safety is our common goal. Competent legal support of the doctor and the patient will help you to work with pleasure and without risks.
Anti-Age telemedicine and medical tourism
The doctor is not left alone with a patient who has a difficult problem. In particularly delicate cases, please use the remote assistance of experienced experts and colleague mentors. You can also cooperate with the world's leading clinics - partners of the Anti-Age Expert project.
Supporting from the very beginning
The Anti-Age Expert computer program will help doctors to conduct anti-aging medicine appointments from any place in the world. The program includes more than 500 questions for the assessment of the patient's health, the ability to create an electronic patient record, as well as lists of necessary tests.

We learn together with leading experts from all around the world

Dorina Donici

Russia / Switzerland

MD, PhD, obstetrician-gynecologist, bioregenerative and anti-aging medicine practitioner, plastic surgeon, oncologist, vice-president of the Scientific Symposium of Regenerative Medicine at Oxford University, founder of the international project Anti-Age Expert, lecturer of postgraduate education courses for doctors at the Medical University UPEC (Paris), president of the Russian Association of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (RUSIAM), scientific director of A SWISS GROUP, vice president of the World Society of Cosmetic Gynaecology (WSCG), founder of the international network of multidisciplinary clinics EXPERT CLINICS.

Claude Dalle


Endocrinologist, anti-aging medicine practitioner recognized by the European Academy of Sciences, Scientific Committee member of the World Association of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM).

Cristina Maggioni


PhD, Obstetrician-gynecologist, expert in phytotherapy, associate professor at the University of Milan at the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychosomatics, Psychoneuroendocrinology and Sexology, lecturer at the University of Paris VII and Paris X on psychosomatic gynecology and phytotherapy, scientific director of the first Obstetric Gynecology Clinic of Milan University (Department of clinical research).

Alain Menzel


Leading scientist in the field of genetics, nutrigenetics, molecular biology and metabolic biochemistry, member of the scientific team of the French Association for Nutrition Therapy and Nutrigenetics, the author of more than 250 scientific publications in PubMed.

Rebekka Zirbel


Biologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Vice-President of the European Society for Applied Immunology.

Nicolas Wiernsperger


DMedSc, specialist in pathophysiology and pharmacology of cardiometabolic diseases, author of more than 120 scientific publications.

Jean-Paul Meningaud


Professor, maxillofacial surgeon, Head of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Henri-Mondor Hospital (Paris).

Gustavo Leibaschoff


Obstetrician-gynecologist, president of the World Society Gynecology Cosmetic (WSGC).

Matteo Serino


Leading scientist in the field of intestinal pathology research, Doctor of Science, scientist at INSERM Research Institute.

How has the life and practice of Anti-Age Expert school graduates changed?

Experienced doctors have already understood that the diagnosis and treatment of diseases should be revised. Instead of treating a disease, we need to correct the processes that cause the diseases.
The increase of life expectancy makes sense only if life quality increases too. The doctors from our school are already convinced.

Anti-Age Expert School: who can participate?

Clinic leaders
The future of any clinic is a preventive, personalized, interdisciplinary anti-aging medicine with the active participation of the patient. It accompanies people throughout their lives, starting from the very beginning (intrauterine period). The introduction of an effective model of anti-aging medicine practice in your clinic is the way to success for many years. Patients tend to live longer, live more actively and live better.
You will get the latest tools and opportunities, collected by professionals who have already passed this way, to be able to work in this direction.
Doctors of various specialties
The Anti-Age Expert community gathers doctors of more than 30 specialties from around the world. Thanks to a special educational approach and well-developed working tools, our graduates have found answers to many questions, moved to a new level of medical skill and solved their own health problems.
Give yourself the opportunity to practice the medicine of the future.
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