Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nauryzbayeva Madina Sabitovna

Specialization: candidate of Medical Sciences, allergist, immunologist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, specialist in anti-aging medicine
Experience: 27 years

Candidate of Medical Sciences, allergist, immunologist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, specialist in anti-aging medicine.


1985-1991: Karaganda State Medical University, qualification "Pediatrics".

1991-1993: clinical residency in "Pediatrics", Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

1996: thesis defense on the "Allergology and immunology", theme: "Complex treatment of atopic dermatitis in children combined with pathology of gastrointestinal tract" on the basis of State Scientific Center for Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Kazakhstan.

2011: qualification "Dermatovenerology and aesthetic medicine with a course of cosmetology" on the basis of Almaty State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

2011-2020: participation in international congresses on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, including IMCAS Paris, AMIS.

2017: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School by Dr.Claude Dalle and Dr. Dorina Donici, Fundamental Level.

2018: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School under the direction of Dr.Claude Dalle and Dr.Dorina Donici, Advanced level.

2018: Global Genetic Forum, Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia.

2019: qualification "Personalized Dietology. Nutritional Immunology", UNIPROF, Russia.

2020: Peptide bioregulation and peptide therapy, ESAAM/WOCPM, Dubai (UAE).

About Anti-Age medicine:

Over the years I have always practiced a complex approach in the treatment of allergic diseases and skin diseases. The understanding that the cause of many skin pathological symptoms is associated not only with local processes, but also with the condition of the body as a whole and the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract in particular, formed the basis of my scientific work and was reflected in my PhD thesis. It taught me to use a holistic approach to the treatment of health problems.

For the last 10 years, while working in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, I have been focused on the issues of patient rejuvenation and prevention of aging in general. Anti-aging medicine gives me the opportunity to find the causes of early aging, carefully investigate the truth, intelligently correct imbalances and metabolic processes, prescribe effective therapies and motivate numerous patients to feel positive.

International Interdisciplinary Anti-Age Expert School armed me with knowledge and technologies in the field of biochemistry and pathophysiology, gave me an understanding of the basics of metabolic and hormonal imbalances in the body, their relationship with genetic inheritance, the importance of the microbiota of the body, which is based on the most modern scientific research of famous and advanced scientists of the world.

I widely use the practical skills and effective tools received in the School for rejuvenation of the body, in which everything is interconnected and appearance only reflects internal processes. I have significantly expanded my professional capabilities, which gives me confidence in the prescription of effective and safe therapy for age-related diseases, prevention of early aging and rejuvenation, competent correction of metabolic and hormonal problems.

I feel great pleasure and joy when I receive enthusiastic feedback, see the eyes of my patients shining, their blooming look and optimistic mood. Every woman dreams to look beautiful, young and well-groomed, have luxurious hair, glowing skin, strong glossy nails! I am happy that I can help them with this by application of advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies.

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