Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

Kovgan Olga Alexandrovna

Specialization: endocrinologist, biotechnologist (medical bioengineering and pharmaceutics), anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 13 years
Certificate: Expert Schools – 4, Modular School – 4 modules

Endocrinologist, biotechnologist (medical bioengineering and pharmaceutics), anti-aging medicine practitioner.


2000-2006: Omsk State Medical University, qualification "General Medical".

2010-2014: The European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (Germany) - Master's degree.

2012: Professional development in the field of Endocrinology in the clinic "Teva" (Israel).

2018: "Academy of Medical Education", qualification in "Biotechnology".

2018-present time: Anti-Age Expert Modular School

2019: "Academy of Medical Education", qualification "Endocrinology".

2020: NU department of pharmacology and toxicology.

About Anti-Age medicine:

When I got acquainted with anti-age medicine, I realized that today it is the only one and, in my opinion, the only right approach to diseases’ treatment that every doctor has to master. Anti-age medicine treats the patient's body as a whole, and this is not about "cosmetic renovation", but about complete restoration of health.

After the first module at the Anti-Age Expert School, I instantly implemented the acquired knowledge into practice, and the result was immediate: in recent years, I have had hundreds of grateful patients. Together we have overcome even serious diseases that could not be treated with the classic approach.

In addition, the athletes whom I support as an endocrinologist for a long time have shown the best results immediately after the implementation of anti-age therapy, and our team has something to be proud of. We have won many medals and brought the athletes to the international arena without any prohibited drugs.

And of course a huge gratitude I receive from women who have reached the age of menopause, who are told by society to "get over it, you're old, everybody lives like this". But for today I can refute the rules imposed by society, because medicine has proved that it is possible to feel young, desirable, promising at any age.

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