Russia, Yekaterinburg

Gerlitz Irina Abdraufovna

Specialization: cosmetologist, dermatologist, anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 20 years
Certificate: Expert Schools – 3

Cosmetologist, dermatologist, anti-aging medicine practitioner


1992-1998: Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy of Federal Agency of Healthcare and Social Development, qualification "General Medicine".

1998-1999: clinical internship on therapy in Ural State Medical Academy of Continuing Education.

Since 1999: worked as a doctor-therapist.

2003: qualification in dermatovenerology, and dermato cosmetology at the Ural Research Institute of Dermatovenerology and Immunopathology.  Worked in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist, also in laser cosmetology clinic, then worked in the State budgetary health institution "Samara Regional Center of Medical Prevention '' in the department of sports medicine, as a dermatologist and cosmetologist. Studied and applied in practice ozone therapy, cryotherapy, botulinum therapy, contour plastic surgery, mesotherapy, chemical peeling, device technologies. Since 2006 has worked as a trainer of professional cosmetics “Christina" (Israel), and participated in exhibitions.

2008: Professional development in dermatology and cosmetology at Ural Research Institute of Dermatovenerology and Immunopathology.

Since 2014: Studied thread technologies in aesthetic medicine.

2017: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School, Fundamental level, Moscow.

2018: Professional development in cosmetology at the Reavis Medical University.

2018: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School, Fundamental Level, Moscow.

2019: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School, Advanced level.

2019: First and second module of the Anti-Age Expert modular school, Fundamental level, Moscow.

About Anti-Age medicine:

Anti-aging medicine has opened to me the knowledge about the preservation of youth and health resources. It made me see the organism as a synergy of all systems from the point of view of the biochemistry of all processes, their interaction with biorhythms and lifestyle. New methods of diagnosis and treatment can prevent the development of serious diseases, recover health physiologically, and adjust the body to self-regulation. Anti-Age Expert Schools have turned my mind upside down, showing that a person is responsible for his/her own life and health, and a doctor professionally helps to balance the physiology of processes. It is so important to consider a person from the perspective of his/her social life, family life, relationships, aging in pairs, happiness!  The anti-aging medicine is valuable due to its individual approach and the availability of multiple choices.

The Anti-Age Expert school gives a lot of new information, makes it loud and simple, taking into account the latest achievements, and supports the medical community of different specialties, so that every doctor can be successful. I am still at the beginning of this professional path, although for several years now I have been successfully trying on myself all the available Anti-Age technologies.

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