Kazakhstan, Almaty

Feklistova Svetlana Anatolievna

Specialization: endocrinologist (also children's), anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 9 years
Certificate: Modular School – 7 modules

Endocrinologist (also children's), anti-aging medicine practitioner.


2005-2011: Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, qualification "Pediatrics".

2011-2012: internship, qualification "General practitioner".

2012: primary qualification "Adult and child endocrinology".

2015: professional development "Neuroendocrinology", Moscow.

2017: professional development: "Endocrinological aspects of male and female infertility", Saint Petersburg.

2020: Anti-Age Expert Modular School (Paris, France).

About Anti-Age medicine:

I first heard about anti-aging medicine a year ago thanks to the Anti-Age Expert school. Since then, my medical judgment has completely changed.  Thanks to the knowledge and methods of anti-aging medicine, I have been able to provide effective and quality support to patients with quite serious and complex diseases. The main principle of anti-age medicine is a personalized approach, which is based on the results of genetic analysis, the current state of the patient and the selection of individual medicines.

Anti-aging medicine is an art that is designed to increase life expectancy and quality of life, thereby slowing down the signs of aging.

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