Kazakhstan, Almaty

Feklistova Ludmila Nikolaevna

Specialization: prosthodontist, surgeon, implantologist of the highest category, anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 40 years
Certificate: Modular School – 6 modules

Prosthodontist, surgeon, implantologist of the highest category, anti-aging medicine practitioner.


1975-1980: Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, qualification "General dentistry".

1980-1981: Internship, qualification in orthopedic dentistry.

2011: Advanced training course - "Topical issues in dentistry", London, UK

2012: University of Chicago - Implantology Course

2013-2015: Completion of the course "Functional dentistry" by Prof. Dr. Slavicek at Danube University Krems, Austria.

2018: Improvement in aesthetic cosmetology

2020: Anti-Age Expert Modular School - Paris, France

About Anti-Age medicine:

Anti-aging medicine today is not a stand-alone medical specialty, but a new model of patient care. Within this model, a doctor makes an individual and comprehensive assessment of a person's health at the very early stages.

Anti-aging medicine is, first of all, the solution of internal problems of the organism, normalization and restoration of the activities of specific organs and their systems, which results in two key effects: increased life expectancy, improved quality of life.

Besides, Anti-Age Expert school gave me the basic knowledge about normalization of metabolic processes in the body, which helps to solve not only dental problems (osteoporosis, parodontosis, caries, augmentation of bone, its preservation after implant placement, etc.). In my practice as a dentist-cosmetologist, anti-aging medicine helps to develop an individual program for normalization of revealed complications and to find a personalized way to health.

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