Russia, Yekaterinburg

Dvornikova Valeria Vitalievna

Specialization: cosmetologist, preventive and anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 15 years
Certificate: Expert Schools – 3

Cosmetologist, preventive and anti-aging medicine practitioner


2002: Faculty of Medical and Preventive Care of Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «Ural State Medical University»;

2004: Faculty of Medicine of «Ural State Medical University»;

2005: Internship in dermatovenerology and qualification in cosmetology;

2017: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School, Fundamental Level;

2018: Anti-Age Expert Interdisciplinary School, Advanced level.

About Anti-Age medicine:

As a doctor, I have always realized that external beauty and human health are inextricably linked to each other. Skin is a mirror that reflects internal processes in the body. The Anti-Age Expert School gave me a full understanding of these interconnections. I start my work with the patient by investigating and finding the causes that led to these or those external effects. Rather than just masquerading imbalances in the body with cosmetology procedures. I individually develop programs for rejuvenation, treatment of hyperpigmentation, couperose, acne using laboratory diagnostic methods, genetic tests, instrumental studies. And only this general approach, the approach to a person as a single whole, allows me to achieve excellent results in my work.

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