Russia, Samara

Doroshenko Tatiana Ivanovna

Specialization: pediatrist, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist
Experience: 12 years
Certificate: Modular School – 9 modules


1984-1990: Aktobe State Medical Institute (USSR), qualification "Pediatrics".

2009: State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moscow), qualification in "Dermatovenerology".

2012: International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (Saint Petersburg), "Injection techniques in aesthetic medicine. Contour correction and volume modeling. Botulinum toxin therapy".

2012: Non-Commercial Partnership "Society of Meso therapists" (Moscow), "Injection methods in aesthetic medicine. Mesotherapy. Biorevitalization".

2014: Reavis Medical University (Samara), qualification "Cosmetology".

2014: A Swiss Group (Moscow), "Luxface", "Luxebody" (methods of thread rejuvenation).

2019: Reavis Medical University (Samara), professional development in Cosmetology.

2019-2020: Anti-Age Expert Modular School (Paris, France), State Diploma of Medical University of Paris.

About Anti-Age medicine:

When you come to a certain age line, you begin to understand that it is impossible to achieve the desired results of correction of age changes with the help of aesthetic medicine methods only, no matter how advanced they can be. It is necessary to find ways to influence the biological age: to stop it, move it aside, turn it backwards. And this has become a reality with anti-age medicine. We find what has broken in the body and fix it, and as a result we get health and youth both inside and outside!!!

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