Russia, Murmansk

Chernykh Svetlana Yurievna

Specialization: reflexotherapist, physiotherapist, doctor of exercise therapy and sports medicine, cosmetologist, doctor of aesthetic cosmetology, doctor of anti-aging medicine
Experience: 34,5 years
Certificate: Expert Schools – 3, Modular School – 10 modules

Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Two-time winner of the contest "The Best Doctor of the Russian Federation" in 2008 and 2010 in the nomination "The best doctor of regenerative medicine".

Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation.

Reflexotherapist of the highest category, physiotherapist of the highest category, doctor of exercise therapy and sports medicine, specialist in aesthetic cosmetology and cosmetologist, anti-aging medicine practitioner (diploma of Paris Medical University)

Total medical experience - 34.5 years. 9 years as a neurologist, 33 years as a reflexologist, 25 years as a physiotherapist, 19 years as a doctor of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, 3.5 years as an anti-aging medicine practitioner.

From 11.10.2000 to the present day - Head of Physiotherapy Department of the Murmansk Regional Clinical Multiprofile Medical Center for the last 20 years.


1980-1986: Kursk State Medical University of the Federal agency of public health and social development), qualification «General Medicine».  

2001-2003: Kursk State Medical University , qualification "Economy and management at the enterprise of public health services", qualification "Economist-Manager at the enterprise of public health services".

Information about postgraduate and additional professional education:

1986-1987: internship "Neurology".

1987: primary qualification in Reflexotherapy, St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies

1995: primary qualification in Physiotherapy, St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies

1996: primary qualification in " Physical training and sports medicine ", Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education

1999: advanced professional certification in reflexotherapy at the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Moscow.

1999: advanced professional training courses in "Physiotherapy", Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education

2004: professional development under the program "Bdellotomy", Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education

2018: professional certification improvement in "Physiotherapy" Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.

2018: professional development in "Laser Therapy", Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.

2019: professional development certification in "Reflexotherapy", Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.

2020: professional development certification in "Physical training and sports medicine", Moscow Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education

2020: qualification under the program "Ozone therapy", Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.

2017-2020: passed 12 modules under the programs of Anti-Age Expert, Fundamental and Advanced level schools.

2020: XII module of the Anti-Age Expert Modular School, State Diploma of the University of Paris (France) - UPEC.

About Anti-Age medicine:

Throughout my medical career as a neurologist, reflexologist and physiotherapist, I have been treating the body as a whole, holistically, without dividing it into separate organs and systems. I have always tried to identify the root cause of the disease, to prevent any diseases and their development and complications in my patients. The knowledge gained in Anti-Age medicine has greatly increased the range of my possibilities. I can now detect the precursors of the disease before it occurs and therefore effectively prevent its further development and keep it under control without aggravation or recidivism. I have the opportunity to apply a personalized, integrated approach to the correction of imbalance in the body, the production of customized, unique combination of substances in one capsule, exclusively for each patient.

Anti-Age medicine allows me to identify and prescribe highly effective programs to cleanse the organism from toxins and normalize all biochemical indicators. It is aimed to eliminate the cells that cause body aging: AGE, RAGE and senescent cells in all organs, to prevent the development of cancer processes in the body. It helps me to normalize the patient's private life, mental state and sexual dysfunctions, properly and fully resist to stress.

After completing a full course of Anti-Age Expert program, I received the opportunity to correct all pathological processes in the body, considering the individual characteristics of the patient and using the latest achievements and innovations in medicine of recent years. Comprehensive, integrative approach to correction of body age related changes, normalization of all its organs and systems has already been highly appreciated by my patients. They got the confidence that the methods of Anti-Age medicine can significantly increase their life expectancy and improve its quality.

It is difficult for me to overestimate all the knowledge received after this school, to enumerate all the opportunities that medicine has opened for me.

Here are some of them:

  • I use the achievements of integrative genetics to prevent development of diseases that have not yet shown themselves, but which are genetically determined;

  • I prepare patients of any gender for the prescription of hormone replacement therapy and subsequently prescribe it in accordance with laboratory parameters;

  • I help to get rid of nervousness, headaches, memory problems, irritability, rapid fatigue, forgetfulness, depression, sleep disturbance, obesity, high blood pressure and so on. I also help to normalize human socialization, libido, reproductive health, and prevent the development of acute pathological conditions - all of this, including the use of reflexotherapy.

  • With the help of anti-age medicine and my experience in other areas of medicine, I am able to successfully cope with any pain, including "fugitive pain" in different joints and in all parts of the spine, to effectively deal with the development and progression of diabetes type 2 and 3 (senile dementia), as well as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

  • The combination of the Anti-Age medicine and my experience and skills in the field of cosmetology and threading techniques on the Luxeface & Luxebody program, allows me to achieve rejuvenation of patients in all possible aspects.

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