Russia, Serov

Bagaeva Anna Rudolfovna

Specialization: dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 20 years
Certificate: Modular School – 11 modules, Expert Schools – 3

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, anti-aging medicine practitioner


1993-1998: Perm State Medical University, specialty "General Medicine".

1998-1999: Perm State Medical University, internship in dermatovenerology.

2013: continuous medical education in Trichology, RUDN.

2015: professional development in cosmetology, Ural State Medical University.

2018: continuous medical education in dermatology, Saratov International Academy of " Expertise and Assessment".

2019: continuous medical education in cosmetology, Saratov International Academy of "Expertise and Assessment".

2020: Modular School Anti-Age Expert (Paris, France), State French Diploma.

About Anti-Age medicine:

"For now, anti-aging medicine is the most progressive and promising model of health management, which is based on a fundamentally new concept - active prevention, improvement of life quality and provision of an active longevity".

 At the same time, anti-aging medicine allows to:

  • Efficiently and safely recover damaged health through the use of innovative therapeutic technologies.

  • Significantly longer maintain the condition of the organism at the level typical for young age.

  • Reduce the risk of sudden loss of body resources due to a serious illness.

  • Significantly extend the active period of life.

  • Look noticeably younger than your age.

The management of patients within the protocols of anti-aging medicine implies:

  • Early and predictive diagnosis of diseases associated with aging.

  • In addition to the standard test set, innovative tests specific to anti-aging medicine are used to assess functional imbalances and risk factors for diseases associated with aging.

  • Active prevention and treatment of aging diseases with the use of new technologies.

  • Anti-aging medicine considers aging as a set of naturally expected pathological deviations and diseases that affect almost every person. This means that these conditions can be and should be specifically diagnosed and treated before any significant clinical manifestations appear.

  • Reduction of biological age/rejuvenation of the organism.

A reduction in biological age actually means:

  • Correction of existing pathological changes/diseases;

  • Improvement of metabolic and hormonal processes;

  • "Purification" of the body at the organ and cell levels;

  •  Increase of working resources of all cells, organs and organism as a whole.

  • This optimization results in the switching of biological processes in the body to a mode typical for younger age.

  • Slowing down the aging rate.

  • The slow-down of the aging process is achieved by the counteraction to the main aging mechanisms and prolonged preservation of biological processes in the organism at an optimal level.

  • Improvement of cognitive abilities, energy and work capacity.

  • High vitality, high work capacity, stress resistance, as well as good cognitive performance are important integral parameters of health. They are improved both through general healthcare and through targeted influence on neurohormonal status.

  • An improvement of visual appearance.

  • The effect of visual rejuvenation is first of all connected with the improvement of the state of the organism in general and is a demonstrative criterion of the effectiveness of medical and preventive measures.

  • Improvement of the life quality.

  • High quality of life is an integral indicator, which means:

  • Absence of chronic diseases;

  • Good general health;

  • Positive psycho-emotional state;

  • High levels of vitality, efficiency and stress tolerance;

  • Good physical shape and appearance.

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