Russia, Moscow

Gilmutdinova Ilmira Rinatovna

Specialization: Ph.D, transfusiologist, dermatovenerologist, specialist in cellular medicine, anti-aging medicine practitioner
Experience: 6 years
Certificate: Expert Schools – 4

Ph.D, transfusiologist, dermatovenerologist, specialist in cellular medicine, anti-aging medicine practitioner.


2006-2012: medical faculty of the Orenburg State Medical University (diploma with honors). Qualification in "General medicine".

2012-2014: Residency in Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical and Surgical Center named after N.I. Pirogov” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation  qualification "Clinical Transfusiology".

2013: professional development on the theme "Cellular products - main kinds".  Principles of work and organization of production. Proper production practice. GMP.

Since 2013: external doctorate student at the Institute of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology at Samara State Medical University. Ph.D. defense - 2016.

2014: training "Dermatovenerology" (prof. retraining).

2018: training "Health Organizations and Public Health" (prof. retraining).

2018: professional development in the field of "Anti-age medicine in cosmetology".

2018: professional development, "Basics of 5-P medicine and the use of genetic testing in the doctor's practice".

2019: professional development, "Modern aspects of work organization in the field of anti-aging medicine".

2019: professional development in the field of "Ozone therapy".

About Anti-Age medicine:

Anti-aging medicine allowed me, first of all, to help myself in solving a number of my own health problems. Anti-aging medicine helped me to consider the disease not only as a reflection of the problem of a particular organ, but also as a reflection of the disorders of functioning in the whole organism.

Anti-Age Expert school provided the most valuable knowledge for a doctor - understanding of interrelation of biochemical processes with development of pathological conditions. But the most precious thing I got from the Expert school was the confidence that many years ago I made the right choice by dedicating my life to transfusiology and regenerative medicine.

Because without detox therapy, any treatment program will not be effective enough. Meanwhile, modern cell technologies allow us to stop the development of age-associated diseases.

A comprehensive, and most importantly, personalized approach to the patient brings the most important results - health, joy and gratitude of the patient. For such moments it is worth studying and work.
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